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People say that humans don't change. But they do. First I was worshipped as a Goddess and then hunted like an animal. Today there is still fear or awe but at least we can sit at a table and talk.
— Etzli
  The first progeny of Itotia and became her high priestess. For many centuries she served loyal in this position. Then came a time when her ambition made her want more than to just serve. This ambition lead to a split in the lineage and many wars between the peoples they controlled.   This went on until the Spanish arrived in Central America. With them came both the hunters and the inquisition. From then on Etzli was on the run until she ended up in New York. There she had enough of the running and struck a deal with the local hunters. She helped them out with a difficult to defeat monstor and promised to not kill anyone. In return she received amnesty and was allowed to reside in New York.   She founded a new chapter of the Sisterhood of Blood. From there she built a respectable following, always careful to not antagonize the hunter's guild and any other factions. From these humble beginnings, she built a corporate conglomerate of hospitals, blood banks, laboratories and research facilities. Today this conglomerate has expanded to much of the world and is worth billions.   She has a lot of influence on the global vampire community. She is highly respected and feared by most other vampires.


We were foolish to believe that just because we are stronger and faster than humans, we would always stand above them.
— Etzli
  She experienced herself how easy her superior position was lost. At first, she was devastated and could only think about survival. In time she realized that she would need the help of humans to once again live a life which she deserved. With determination and patience, she slowly rebuilt her empire within the rules of humanity.


Etzil is ambitious and driven. She protects those loyal to her and discards those who betray her. She is very calculating and is rarely moved by emotional appeals. She has thrived in the capitalist system and built a cult of loyalists around her.

Positions & Assets

My empire may no longer have a territory and my throne is no longer adorned with gold and silver but it is much greater than ever before. My power and influence far outshine my wildest imaginations of the past.
— Etzli
  She owns a vast corporate conglomerate and leads the Sisterhood of Blood. She owns parts or in full many hospitals, blood banks, laboratories and research facilities. These corporations help her control the blood market and strike a balance between feeding her vampires and ensuring a supply for human patients. The core research she supports is related to finding a way to synthesize blood. In these endeavours, a lot of new insight into the nature of blood and diseases related to blood has been uncovered and shared with the world.   She is also involved in the development and distribution of weapons dedicated to the killing of vampires, Lycans and other supernaturals. This helps her control the vampire populations which can easily get out of hand when not tightly controlled. And also makes her a lot of money as she sells these weapons to the militaries and police forces of the world.   As she is the oldest member of her lineage she has a seat on the Elder Council. There she is a respected member and most members value her insight and position. While at the same time are aware that she acts mostly in her own interest and not necessarily in the interests of all vampires.

Social Network

Etzli does not have friends, but she is protective of the people close to her. She has close ties to most vampires controlling the Sisterhood of Blood and the vampire Lu-Shalim and several other death guard members. She is the only non-Chinese vampire who has ever been part of a death guard missions.   There are only a handful humans who have managed to gain her favour and are close to her:  
  • Ximena Ortega, Personal Assistant
  • Jenson Clarke, CEO of Etzli Holdings
  • Giada Kirkland, Hunter's Guild Liason
  • Ashley Padilla, Legal Advisor
4'000+ years
Central America
Current Residence
Penthouse in Manhattan
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
English, Spanish, Aztec, Mayan & several other Central American languages and dialects
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Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin
Character Portrait image: Portrait: Etzli by SoulLink via Artbreeder


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Dec 3, 2020 19:42 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

She sounds like a really strong character - I'm really impressed that she managed to build herself back up from being hunted by humans and now has a whole lot of power. It's interesting how she decided to go for hospitals and blood banks . That seems like a mutually beneficial thing for both humans and vampires.