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Sisterhood of Blood

An ancient order of female vampires with a presence all around the world. It was founded by a Chinese vampire who was outcast from her family. From there she gathered many followers and created many new vampires who followed her creed to empower women and protect them from abusive men. This history has lead to much conflict with other factions and the order has been close to extinction many times. In one of the these many conflicts the original founder was killed in battle with other vampires who did not want this organization taking control of some of their territories.


The order is organized in chapters. Each chapter has a sphere of influnece from their head quarters and operates within it. How the chapter itself is organized is entirely up to the chapter leadership or in some cases all chapter members. The only rule that all chapters follow is that only female vampires can become members of the sisterhood. Chapters are often organized in regional alliances, but sometimes even fight for territories or assets against each other.

Bejing Chapter

The largest and one of the oldest continuous chapters of the sisterhood since its founding. This chapter is controlled by some of the direct vampire descendants of the original founder. This chapter offers services to women all around the city and in the wider region. It has several thousand members and owns many properties and assets.

New York Chapter

One of the largest and most powerful chapters outside of mainland China is the New York Chapter founded by Etzli. She was the first non-Chinese founding member of a chapter and came to know of the sisterhood through a small group of Chinese vampire women who had moved to New York. The chapter is funded by the billion dollar conglomerate of hospitals, blood banks and phramaceutical companies that are ownd by Etzli.   The chaper runs various shelters for women around the city, offers free abortion services and free health care to women of all ages and species. These services have been recognized by the city of New York which has provided some funding to expand their operations. Outside of these positive services members of the Sisterhood look for new recruits amongst these disadvantaged women and turn them in to loyal sisters. This allows them to be one of the few vampire organizations with a growing population under the watchful eye of the Hunter's Guild.
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