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Chinese Lineage

The oldest of the five vampire lineages. The oldest vampire is Quan Cheng who is over 6000 years old. Though he is not progenitor of the Chinese lineage.   The progenitor is likely from the Daxi culture from the Three Gorges region of the middle Yangtze. The first vampire of the Chinese was created by dark or demonic arts in an ancient ritual. This creature was created to protect them from mythical beasts and later in wars against other clans and societies. From there the vampires established their power centers across ancient China. However, many considered them as evil and they were often hunted.   Over the millenia more and more factions were established which had much power amongst the many clans and states of China. This power was always excerted from the shadows and often successfully curtailed by Buddhist or Taoist orders and sects.  

Blood Frenzy & Strength

As any vampire lineage these vampires become more powerful the longer they are alive and consume the blood of humans. In addition to this, consuming fresh blood gives the Chinese lineage vampires a temporary boost to their physical strength, reflexes and sensory perception. This means that they will usually dring blood right before combat as the effect only lasts for a few hours and slowly subsides during this time.   Drinking too much blood at once can create a blood frenzy where the vampire completely loses control over themselves and starts drinking and killing humans. This blood frenzy can last for many hours or until the vampire is knocked out or killed. To prevent this from happening most Chinese vampire factions have strict rules and rituals around drinking blood which regulates the amount and quality of blood any one vampire may consume.   However, there were always a few factions or individuals who created blood frenzies on purpose as they are quite extactic. These groups are often hunted to extinction quickly by all sorts of groups as they cause only trouble and are often marked as evil.
Parent ethnicities

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