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Death Guard

A mercenary group specializing in covert operations of all kinds. They are well known for their extreme effectivness and ice-cold efficiency. No matter how bloody or difficult the job is the group will take care of it as long as they are paid. The services of this group are very expensive and cannot be afforded by many. They have secondary sources of income to ensure their continued operations, but they rarely lack work.   The commander is Lu-Shalim. She runs the group with an iron fist and does not allow any mistakes. All the members of the group are vampires trained in martial arts, combat tactics, covert operations and more. Many of them are specialized in killing a specific type of supernatural creatures. The most common are to fight other vampires, therians and witches.   The groups secretive nature means that many do not believe that this group actually exists. They have worked deep in the shadows and get their jobs via agents. The group has clashed with other factions in the past but has always maintained a neutrality beside their work.   The group consists of a total of 35 vampires and a number of, often human, agents. Casualities are very rare as each of the members is ancient and powerful by themselves, but together there has never been anyone who has survived them. Though the group has declined a few jobs in the past due the overwhelming prowess of the target. They often deal with powerful sorcerers and witches, ancients beasts and have killed even a few demi-gods.   Since the fall of the veil their work has become more dangerous as they are more likely to be found out. All members of the group are hunted by the Hunter's Guild who has now a clear target as most members have come into contact with a hunter in the past. These contacts used to be largely erased by the veil, but now the memories of them have returned. The advantage the mercenaries have is that they remember many more contacts as most of these contacts were spread across the last thousend years.  


The death guard was first founded in the early Jiang period in what is today China. The Chinese vampires encountered a type of hostile beasts which they needed to fight. Over the millennia the organization developed and moved far away from its original purpose. Over time the Death Guard grew more powerful within the vampire clan until they eventually severed their direct ties.
Founding Date
between 6000 - 5000 BCE
Military, Mercenary Group
Training Level
Veterancy Level
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