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Cursed Lineage

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The Curse

They are called the cursed lineage as the first vampires of this lineage were created by a dark ritual. When a new vampire of this lineage rises in many cases they will go berserk with blood lust and try to kill any human they come accross and drink all of their blood. Only a select few individuals are capable of resisting this blood lust and keep their sanity. These individuals make up the members of the lineage, as any vampire that loses control is killed quickly. Unlike the other lineages the curse is much more potent as it overwhelms and kills any victim that has some of their blood sucked by a vampire. As the thralls go on a rampage they are usually quickly dispatched by vampire hunters.

Count Dracula

As the cursed lineage originated in Wallachia, which later became the Romanian Kingdom, many people believe that Count Dracula known from popular media is of this lineage. However, this is not the case as there was never a Count Dracula amongst the cursed vampires. The members of the lineage are not amused by this association and are likely to react poorly when confronted with questions about Count Dracula.
Vampirism (Variant)
First Elder
Gogu Ilionescu
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