Kaynyn's Lineage

Kaynyn's Lineage

A vampire lineage that originated in the Region of present day Kamtchatka Krai. The progeny of this lineage is present all around the world, but more commenly in northern and eastern Asia. There are two major factions of this lineage.

Vampiric Traits

The descendants of Kaynyn are considered vampires as they share some traits with other forms of vampirism. Vampires of this lineage possess a few additional abilities that they do not share with all the others.

Raven Transformation

The shaman who raised Kaynyn as the first vampire of his lineage bound a spirit of the raven to the souls of these vampires. All vampires gain the ability to transform themselves into ravens for a limited amount of time. This ability requires full concentration to maintain and can break when they are harmed or if they are similarly distracted. Their transformation is fully magical and happens within a few seconds.


Kaynyn's vampires have the ability to manipulate shadows including their own. This ability has to be trained and is quite difficult to master. There are many different ways to utilize this gift and each faction focuses on a different set of abilities. These powers make them very fearsome foes to fight against.


Vampires of the Kaynyn lineage have formed more than a hundred factions all around the world. However, the majority of the lineage either serve in Kaynyn's faction which is centered around Eastern Russia with influence in Mongolia, Northern China, Korea and Japan. This faction represents the traditionalist old guard and is lead by Kaynyn himself. Three other elders including his ex-partner are part of the leadership of this faction as well, giving them four of the five seats on the elder council.   Several hundred years ago a few younger vampires set off towards moscow after they encountered Russian explorers in Sibera. These vampires created the Московское братство and have expanded their sphere of influence ever since. Today they claim dominion over Western Russia, Belarussia and the Ukraine. However, many of these claims are contested by other vampire and non-vampire factions. Most of their influence and power in human society comes from their control over several Russian criminal organisations.   Cheyvyne is the fifth elder who fled to the Maledives and is living a comfortable live there with a few followers. He only rarely gets involved in any matters that do not happen right on the maledives, so most supernaturals stay away from the islands that do not wish to cross paths with him.

Koryak Symbology

Many members of Kaynyn's faction try to honour their Koryak origin. A smaller community of vampires lives as reindeer herders in the Kamtchatka Krim in a similar lifestyle as they did thousands of years ago. These communities represent the highest concentration of ancient vampires in the world and their combined power is rivaled by very few.   Other symbols include the many mountains of the region and the ocean which was always the primary source of food for most peoples living in Kamtchatka. These two motives often appear in heraldric symbols either as colors or abstract shapes.
Major Factions
Kaynyn's Clan
Московское братство
Cheyvyne's Clan
Staten Island Clan
Bebneva Sofia Borisovna
Parent ethnicities
Related Organizations

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Author's Notes

Inspired by the Koryak ethnic group.

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