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Elder Council

Highest Vampire Council

The highest council in vampire society. Each lineage has equal seats at the table. The council meets in regular intervals, but members can call for an emergency session.  


The members of the elder council are the oldest vampires of each lineage. In total there are 25 council members. The seats are assigned for a lifetime. In case that a vampire dies the next oldest vampire is assigned their seat. However, a new council member can refuse to take the seat and assign someone to represent them in the council. Traditionally the council has met once every 50 years in full. Often in between this meeting, some council members would invite to less formal gatherings.   In some cases, the elders of two lineages would meet up to resolve a conflict between two factions of each lineage. The seniority of the members is the most important factor in deciding who may speak first. However, if a younger vampire represents an elder, the elder's age is counted. In the beginning, this has led to some issues, since the oldest vampires usually do not know their exact age. In general, the decisions of the council are not binding as there is no enforcement agency. However, most elders will ensure at least some compliance with these decisions in their factions.   Factions not represented in the council are less likely to follow the recommendations of the council. The exception is when the council is called upon to resolve a conflict between two factions of different lineages. In this case, the elders would guarantee that the contents of the treaty would be upheld. In some rare cases, these treaties were ignored. In reaction, the elders took drastic action, which usually led to the true death of all vampires which were involved on both sides.  


The meetings of the elder council are a very dry and serious matter. They follow strict protocols to ensure a civilized discussion. The host iterates through the council with each lineage taking a turn. Moderation is the hosts responsibilty as well. Hosting this meeting is a great honour and opportunity to steer the agenda of the council. The protocols of the meetings evolved very little during the 4000 years of history the council has observed.   These formal meetings have long been accompanied by some festivities. Each time the host tries to impress the guests with various entertainments. Which have included blood feasts, dancers, a gala, gladiators, ceremonial combat, feats of power, human executions, sex orgies, games, martial arts, fashion shows and much more. What started out as a social event has become as much a political event as the actual meeting itself.  


The council serves as a platform to exchange ideas and news, resolve conflicts between factions, set ground rules on the creation of new vampires and owning of human slaves and much more. Since the fall of the Veil the council is now becoming the official representative of vampire kind vis-à-vis the united nations, the Hunter's Guild and other organizations.
Notable Members

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