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Quan Cheng

When you have lived for as long as I have, so many things seem trivial. And yet these trivial things are what give me still a sense of purpose in this world.
— Quen Cheng
The oldest vampire unalive in the world today. Quan was born more than 6000 years ago. In this time he has lead various factions of the chinese vampire lineage and enjoyed his long, long life.


He is the first elder of the Elder Council. There he takes part in each meeting and shapes the policies and agenda of the elder council. This has an impact on most vampires in the world.   Outside of this responsibility he is an elder of several Chinese vampire factions. He rarely gets involved with these factions unless they are threatened by an outside force that is capable of causing serious harm and cannot be subdued by any of the younger vampires. This has not happened in several centuries. Many younger vampires come to him for advice or to settle a conflict for them. Nobody would ever dare to question a decision by the oldest vampire.


Quan Cheng is a man of patience and perfection. He spends his days honing his skills and abilities. His mastery of many different styles of martial arts, artistic and other pyhical activities is a point of great pride for him. Quan has a dry sense of humour and has surprised many dignitaries with jokes or even pranks. He is greatly respected by the younger generations for his strict, but fair sense of justice.

Supernatural Powers & Abilities

As an ancient vampire he has supernatural strength and reflexes. No other vampire can really compete with him. Add to this his skill in martial arts and various weapons make him not someone anyone would want to fight. Due to this superiority it is his great knowledge of history, the world and the social intecracies of the vampire societies that really helps him make an impact in the world when he feels it is needed.

Wealth & Assets

He owns a great many pieces of land in China, New York City and many other places around the world. These make up the bulk of his wealth which give a major surplus income even after paying all the people managing these properties. All these properties are managed through a single Chinese corporation which is run by mostly vampires who are fully loyal to him. Most of the employees are regular humans, which did not know of their employers nature until the fall of the veil.
Chinese Lineage
6000+ years
Current Residence
Aligned Organization

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