Meeting between Elders

Diplomatic action


After Cheyvyne's campaign in Korea ended, First Elder Quan Cheng went to Korea. He was curious about these reports of northern vampires killing an old vampire with ease. He confirmed that they were of a different origin, but wanted to know more and meet them himself.
  After some initial problems, a line of communication was opened and the two vampires agreed to meet to negotiate a non-aggression pact. When they met, they both quickly realized that Quan Cheng was much older and more powerful than Cheyvyne, and that her entourage included many more ancient vampires.
  Cheyvyne feared that he would have to retreat and give up his new home, but Quan Cheng had no real interest in the Korean Peninsula and did not have a high opinion of Han Bao. So the two men came to an agreement and shared stories of their long lives at a long feast.
  In the detailed negotiations, Cheyvyne and his entourage were recognized as a faction of vampires, and any hostilities against them would be considered an act of war by the Chinese factions. This also meant that Koryak vampires could enter and join Chinese factions and be treated as equals. In return, Cheyvyne would extend the same treatment to vampires of the Chinese lineage within its territory and would not expand its territory into Manchuria, which was under the control of the elder Yu Xun. She did not attend this meeting, having delegated this authority to Quan Cheng at his insistence. However, she was not very happy with the results of the negotiations.

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