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New York City

New York city is a sprawling urban metropolis in the north eastern United States and the largest city of New York State. It is one of the most well known cities in the world and home to millions of humans and supernaturals. Its cultural diversity makes the city a melting pod for new ideas, traditions and economic success.


The city is separated into five different boroughs each with its own identity from the many different cultural and supernatural influences.


The underworld of New York City contains many secrets and mysteries. It is filled with supernatural life from all over the world. Exploring these tunnels and passage ways can be a greate (and dangerous) adventure.   Here the supernatural still rules absolutely. Ordinary humans who venture too far beyond the beaten path will rarely survive. Both the NYPD and the Hunter's Guild patrol on the fringes of this space to prevent any monsters from reaching the surface.
Government of the City of New York
New Yorker
~8.8 million
Large city
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Cover image: Skyline by TJ Trewin


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