New York City Underworld

We urge all the people of this great city to avoid the underworld beyond the lighted pathways. These are regularly patrolled by New York's Finest!
— Major Alex Jordan
Below New York City is a vast network of tunnels and passage ways for various purposes. Many of these are forgotten while others are filled activity. The biggest network of tunnels are used for the New York Metro system and the sewage and utilities systems.   Each of these tunnels is home to many rodents and insects. Various city services ensure that these tunnels are maintained and cleaned. But they do not reach all the places. These dark places are home to many supernatural beings. Some simply to hide from human contact, others to find refuge from the Hunters.


One of the most common inhabitants of the underworld. Although vampires generally prefer to live above ground the underground offers a place without any sunlight and plenty of pray. The vampires found below are usually outcasts or have a bounty on their head. However, rumors has it that the vampires below are united by a powerful vampire, but the hunter's of the guild have not been able to eradicate this infestation.


There are a number of Jogah communties in the underworld. They used to live in natural caverns but have expanded their habitat considerably. They are often in conflict with the other inhabitants of the underworld. This is especially true for the Undercity Dwellers.

Monsters & Beasts

A wide range of small and midsized monsters and beasts have made their home here. They feed on each other, litter and the occasional maintenance worker. These belong to a wide range of species and most were imported from all over the globe. They then either escaped capture or were released by their owners.
Location under
Included Locations
Mystical Creatures
Metro Tunnels
The metro tunnels form a large part of the underworld. They are fairly saved as the hunter's guild patrols them regularly. However, some older service tunnels or derelict stations may house various dangers.  
City Efforts
Since 2016 the city has attempted several times to remove all threats from the underworld. But the vastness of the tunnel system makes it impossible to cover everything.  
Hunter's Guild Patrols
The Hunter's Guild runs a program where many of the tunnels below New York City are patrolled by their hunters. Although this is considered a necessary duty it is not the most glamerous one. Most hunters will stick to the more explored and cleaner parts of the underworld.   Only those that itch for a fight or those that try to prove themselves will delve deeper into the darkness. Knowning that there is prey to be found. There is a large array of different dangers in these tunnels but the most common are found here.   Any efforts to clean up the underworld has been met with many difficulties and although several expeditions in the past lead to some success many hunter's died for it.

Cover image: Underground Metro by TJ Trewin


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Fun! Hunters Guild reminds me of Hunters Point in Long Island City where we would visit my uncle and aunt. : ). I'm reminded of being a kid and training past abandoned subway stations that you could still make details of in the low lighting. One of my favorite urban geographies in any rpgs with a metropolis. Tx for sharing!

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'... most were imported and escaped from all over the globe.' Oh no. It's kind of like the stories of people flushing baby alligators and stuff down their toilets and them ending up in the sewer.   Really interesting. I wonder if the rumours of a vampire leader are true.