World behind the veil Vampire Curse Outbreak

Vampire Curse Outbreak

Disaster / Destruction


Under the leadership of Nicolae Văcărescu, a cabal of dark wizards created a vampire thrall with the intent to find the key to immortality. They used an ancient ritual to infuse a test subject with the life force of twenty-five young women. After the ritual the test subject was full of blood lust and without any reason. The subject tore through its restraints and killed Nicolae and drank his blood. A short moment later he rose as well they started to tear through the dark wizards, acolytes and prisoners present.
  Within the first few hours of the outbreak the vampire thralls started to roam the village and eventually reached Bucharest. The slaughter continued until dawn, when most of thralls were destroyed by daylight.
  The Dragontooth Necklace is used in this ritual and recovered by a vampire hunter.

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