Huntress Clarissa

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  Clarissa is an ancient deity of the hunt in the body of a human. She does not remember why or how this happened. But it did and she is making the best of it. She lives in New York City in the Hunter's Guild HQ.

Hunter's Guild

The huntress founded the Hunter's Guild several thousand years ago. She is no longer directly involved in most matters of the guild except for three duties:  
  1. Give the passing initiate hunters their blessing during the graduation ceremony.
  2. Confirm a newly elected Guild Master.
  3. Support the hunt in case of a Deity Level emergency.


As her duties within the guild do not usually fill out her days she has a lot of free time. She usually does one of five things outside of those duties:  
  • Hunt Prey. She travels all over the world to find and kill or catch the most challenging pray in the world. Due to her power she rarely actually finds pray which is worthy of her. To make it more interesting she applies a handycap to herself. Such as useing a shotgun instead of using her fists.
  • Play Intern. She likes to pretend to be an intern within the guild. This allows her to have an ear on the ground and see how the various hunters are doing. And gets to hear all the rumours going around. Sometimes she just likes to mess with the serious hunters and play pranks on them.
  • Throw Parties. She sometimes appears as a socialite of Manhattan and throws parties for the rich and powerful. She uses these parties to secure funding for the guild.
  • Go out with Friends. Her and a few other female powerhouses living in New York often go out for drinks.

Preferred Weapon

The huntress is usually depicted with a spear. This was the weapon she fough with during most of human history. It is the weapon of choice for endurance hunting. However, in modern times she preferres to use a shotgun, loaded with special enchanted ammo. The ammo is tailored to the pray she intends to hunt.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Species (Ancestry)
Human (Unkown)
Hunt, Supernatural

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin
Character Portrait image: Portrait Clarissa by Artbreeder


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