Special Territory

The special territory is a new administrative division in New York State. The special territory is a form of local government which can be incorporated by supernatural communities. The special territory is applied to a specific area. This area can have any size and may overlap with other special territories and can contain any number of other administrative areas like counties, cities, towns and villages.   To incorporate a special territory the supernatural community must show that they have been present within this territory for more than 20 years.

Common Charter

A newly incorporated special territory without a special charter has many rights any responsibilties. Some of these are listed below:
  • Executive Powers: A super-majority (> 75%) of special territory members must agree on the assigning of the executive powers to an office.
  • Legislative Powers: A super-majority (> 75%) of special territory members must agree on the assigning of the legistlative powers to an office. This may be the same office as the executive powers.
  • Juidical Powers: The judicial powers must be assigned by super-majority as well. The body or position these powers are assigned to must be independent of the other two branches.
  • Local Laws. The government of the special territory can enact local laws. These laws must be compatible with New York State law and constitution.
  • County. A special territory is under the authority of the counties it shares territory with. The county can enforce its laws & regulations on community members within the special territory. This is not the case for cities, towns and villages, unless that city is New York City.
  • Supernatural Community. The entity which incorporates the special territory. Only residents which are members of this community are under the juristiction of the special territory.
  • Human Residents. Human residents can become members of the supernatural community as well.
  • Non-Member Supernatural Residents. Supernatural residents who are not members of the supernatural community are not subject to the authority of the special territory.
  • Taxation. Special territories can collect taxes from special territory member residents.
  • US Citizenship. Many members of supernatural communities do not have US citizenship. The legislative branch of the special territory can petition the New York State government to grant citizenship to its members. The petition is reviewed by the New York State Department of Supernatural Affairs and has to be signed off by the governor.

Custom Charters

Any supernatural community can write a custom charter which is different from the common charter created by the State. Each custom charter must be approved by the New York State government. A special territory incorporated with a custom charter is called a Chartered Special Territory.

Legislative Process

    The process of creating a special territory is slow and usually takes years. It ends with the signature of the signature of the governor of New York.
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