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Friend of Cassidy

Informal title bestowed on those closes to Cassidy. They know the personal phone number of Cassidy herself and hang out with her occasionally. They are considered untouchable by those who know who Cassidy is.   There are currently seven living holders of this title. Throughout history there have been several hundred given out. All deaths have been natural with two exceptions. One death was caused by Cassidy herself as she executed them. The other death was caused by a Hunter of the Hunter's Guild. This death almost caused an all out war between the loyalists and the guild and the death of the huntress.


Only people who have the full trust of Cassidy and have impressed her in some way or another receive this title. There are no other requirements beyond this.


The appointment is very simple. Cassidy tells the appointee to store her personal number in her phone and to not give it to anyone else. This number is to a very special phone that can be reached anytime and anywhere.


There are no direct duties. However, Cassidy generally expects her friends to live their lifes to their full potential while staying happy and fullfiled.


The friends of Cassidy are under her direct protection. On the one hand this has the benefit that no major faction will cause any harm against them no matter the circumstances. Harming a friend of Cassidy has major repercussions. In addition to this general protection the person is also protected by a lifetime APU Security Detail. This usually just involves one person bodyguard who either accompanies the beneficiary directly or stays hidden.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

It is very hard to lose this privilege. In the history of the title only one person has ever lost this privilege. They were executed for crimes committed against the orphans under the patronage of the Dragon Loyalist Caretakers.
Form of Address
Source of Authority
Current Holders
Related Organizations
Former Holders
Zarka Akhoond (killed)
Narcisa Dinca (executed)
Current Holders
Viktor Blagoev
Frank Miller
Rebecca Taylor
Yáo Meihui
Darko Iloski
Hannah Peters

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Jul 23, 2021 14:27 by Cassandra Sojourn

I like how storing the number makes them Cassidy’s friend and the power that would come with it. I’d like to learn more about the 'friend’ she executed. Great article!

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Aug 2, 2021 10:41

Thank you for your comment! Cassidy takes excellent care of her friends. The friend article exists now, but its currently just a bullet point list, so watch out for updates for Narcisa Dinca after the embargo has ended! Definitely plan to turn that into an actual article :)

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