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Viktor Blagoev

Victor is a great tattooist and always finds the best dragon tattoo to ink on a new loyalist. His creativity and insight into another persons core is quite astonishing.
A great tattoo artist who knows his craft very well and spends most of his time learning and refining it. He travels to many places as he usually goes to whereever a new loyalist is inducted. While on travels he meets and works with local tattoo artists to broaden his horizen and pass on some of his skills and experience.  


His primary role is to create the Dragon Tattoos for every new loyalist. Each tattoo is a unique masterpiece and carefully crafted from a discussion with the person who receives the ink.   He became the primary tattooist of the dragon loyalists when he was thirty years old. He took over for his retiring mentor who had shown him all he new for several years.  


A very calm man with a strong interest in others people lives and fates. He speaks only few words as is necessary and prefers to listen to those around him.
Member of
Dragon Loyalists
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1972 CE 48 Years old

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Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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