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Viktor's Tattoo Machine

I never thought I could care so much about a tool. It wasn't even an expensive model, but its grown on me over the many years I've used it. I am definitely not going to sell it.
An ordinary coil tattoo machine that has become a priceless artifact. It has been in use for around twenty years. Despite this the machine is in decent condition. Viktor only uses it for the creation of the dragon tattoos to mark loyalists.


The tool was manufactured in the UK and shipped to the US in 2000. Since then in has been used to create thousands of unique tattoos. Most of these tattoos have dragon motive and were created with the special ink. The machine was damaged during an accident in 2017 and then restored by the manufacturer with some parts being replaced. These parts are displayed in Viktor's apartment in New York City.

Mystical Enchantments

The machine doesn't do the work for me, but using it makes me better and bring the designs to life. In recent years I've even stopped developing the designs on paper or digitally first before inking them.
With contact to dragon bone dust and dragon blood the machine has become charged with mystical energies. These energies were influenced by Viktors will and his work. The machine has three effects when used by him.  
  • Numb Pain. Tattooing is a slow and painful process. The machin reduces the pain to make the process easier to endure.
  • Regenrate Skin. The process damages the skin and it becomes irritated and takes some time to heal. The machine speeds this process up in a significant way. Where it usually takes a month or more for the area to fully heal the tattoo only takes between ten to twenty days for the healing to take place.
  • Guided Art. Tattooing is a complex art form that requires a lot of precision, skill and patience to execute well. The machine helps by guiding the tattooist and correcting smaller mistakes to bring the design from their mind into the skin.
  • Type
    Coil Tattoo Machine
    Micky Sharpz
    20 years
    Used for
    Dragon Tattoos

    Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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    Feb 11, 2022 18:43 by R. Dylon Elder

    Such an awesome concept. The idea of a tattoo machine becoming a priceless artifact kind of makes sense. I know tattoo artists and they are VERY attached to their machines. More then that, the fact that it has a very specific function, being the dragon tattoo for loyalists, is also an excellent touch. Oooo it even has some *special* traits. First off, the numb pain feature is lovely. Wish my artist had this when I got my last one done. Xd

    Feb 11, 2022 22:53

    Thank you for your comment! I am glad that it makes sense, since I have zero experience with tattoos and did quite a bit of research for the length of the article '^^

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