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Dragon Tattoos

The Mark of Cassidy

A tattoo which marks any member of the dragon loyalists. It is a fairly secure means to make sure a person is indeed who they claim to be. The tattoos are fairly well known, but the ritual and the ink are kept secret for the most part.  

Tattoo Ritual

I pledge my allegiance to you, the great dragon. I swear to always heed your adivse and follow the teachings you have given me.
— A loyalist
The tattoo is applied during the initiation ritual. In this ritual, the aspiring loyalist swears his fielty to Cassidy. The exact oath spoken differs from loyalist to loyalist. As each connection is created on a personal level. Once the oath is taken the tattooist Viktor Blagoev puts the ink to the skin.   Each tattoo is custom made and no two tattoos are the same. All they share is the dragon or dragon-like creatures as a common motive. The loyalist may choose the size, location, form and colours of the tattoo as they please. Although most only request the size and location and then let Viktor do his art. There are still some big differences as there are many different depictions of dragons.  


The ink used to create these tattoos has four components: the carrier, pigments, dragon bone dust and the secret ingredient. The carrier is usually ethyl alcohol or distilled water. It helps to prevent infections and spreads the pigments and the bone dust under the skin.   The pigments are a kind of heavy metal. The metal used depends on the colour the tattoo should have. Typical pigments are mercury (red), lead (yellow, green, white), cadmium (red, orange, yellow), nickel (black), zinc (yellow, white), chromium (green), cobalt (blue), aluminium (green, violet), titanium (white), copper (blue, green), iron (brown, red, black) or barium (white).   The most important component is bone dust. The mystical properties of the dust create a tattoo which can be sensed by all those who have some supernatural connection. This way it is almost impossible to fool a supernatural with a fake dragon tattoo.   Cassidy's secret ingredient
As a secret ingredient, Cassidy puts a drop of her blood into the carrier. The blood enables her to sense the presence of any loyalist up to a 20 km distance. And allows her to create a strong emotional rapport with them to further ensure their loyalty. Viktor is the only other person who knows about this.
Current Tattooist
Viktor Blagoev
Carrier liquid
Heavy metal pigments
Dragon bone dust
Secret ingredient
Tourists & Imposters
Since the fall of the Veil news of the last dragon and her loyalists has spread. As more and more people learnt that a dragon tattoo is used to signify membership the motive has won a lot of popularity around the globe.   Cassidy is not a big fan of these copy cats. But since these fake tattoos usually do not contain the dragon bone dust and never the secret ingredient, they are easy to spot as fakes for supernaturals.   Some people still have found ways to get their hands on dragon bone dust and use the dragon tattoo to their advantage. In the few cases, this has happened, the person with these tattoos usually woke up some morning with the piece of skin, where their tattoo was, missing. Cassidy has disputed any accusations that she was responsible.

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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A quick note, in the spoiler and in the Ritual and Motive section, Victor is spelled once as Viktor and once as, well, Victor.   Other than that, this is a very interesting ritual! I quite like the elements in the spoiler section, is this related to a form of magic? Another question I have, how does one become a tattoo artist able to do these tattoos? Is there a ritual one must go through, follow a certain tutelage, or something else?   Anyway this was a very interesting article!

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Thanks for catching the difference in spelling! The magic at play is related to her being a dragon. I will expand on it once I get around to either expanding the dragon article or cassidys article:   As for the tattoo artist: Viktor is the only one who may be part in this ritual. So once he becomes too old he will train a replacement, but any tattoo artist will be able to learn it. He learnt the art from his predecessor.

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