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Dragon Bones

The bones displayed here are the largest collection of dragon bones in one place. They were unearthed around two hundred years ago in Kenya by archaeologist under my personal supervision. They are of course displayed with the blessing of Cassidy and are studied by researchers of the Society of Dragonic Paleontology. We rarely show this to outsiders as it is a high security location, but we are happy to invite such a generous patron like yourself.
— Professor Nawaar al-Farran
A dragon bone is of enormous value for their storage attribute. They store the supernatural energy of dragons within them with almost no loss over time. After more than sixty million years most of them are still filled to the brim. However, they function like one use batteries and cannot be reloaded. Once depleted, that is it. This makes them one of the most precious materials found in the world today.


Dragon bones are found in the ground all around the world. They appear in layers aged sixty-five to two-hundred million years. Humans have excavated many tons of bones throughout the millennia. Today all the active excavation sites are monopolized by the archaeologists of the Society of Dragonic Paleontology. Nobody else is crazy enough to compete with them.  
Dragon bone in container by SoulLink via MidJourney
The head of a dragon carved from a dragon bone as imagined by the artist.

Cultural Significance

The use of dragon bones has a long history in many cultures. They can be used in magical rituals or as a powerful basis for protective charms. Many cultures found ways to weaponize the dragon bones. This is why Cassidy established the Society. She wanted to preserve the remains of her brethren.


The first human to discover dragon bones is not recorded. It happened long before written records were created. The use of dragon bones is first mention in a stone tablet unearthed somewhere in the Middle East. A sorcerer wrote down a warning as the power within the bones can be dangerous and deadly to the weak minded.
Cover: A large collection of dragon bones found in a single place. Contains bones from three or four dragons. Total height is 27m.  
Fossil deposits
Dust: $10'000 - $100'000 per gram
Pieces: Not available
Related Traditions
Dragon Tattoos
It was not long after I attained my human form. I was traveling aimlessly from place to place very slowly. One day on those travels I had an ominous feeling that drew me towards a specific area. As I came closer I started to sense a familiar but unsettling power. After several weeks on foot I arrived at a village. What used to be a village of several hundred humans was decimated to just a handful of people. What I sensed was a disease that carried the power of a dragon.   They called it the curse of the sorcerer. I decided to go and search for the source of this curse and followed their directions to the next village. I found the same situation again and again. In the eight village the villagers told me that they chased the daughter of the sorcerer and the curse out. She had wandered of to the north. Only a day later I found her injured and sick beneath a tree without food or water. On her she was carrying the bone of a dragon.   After I nursed her back to health she told me the story of her father. He was the shaman of the village and provided advice and remedies for the villagers. They all trusted him and he was well liked. This all changed when a few weeks ago he brought home a small bone from a journey to the nearby mountains. He became violently ill and died shortly after. And within a week most of the village had suffered from the same curse.   The villagers sent her to return the bone to wherever her father had taken it from. Maybe that would appease the angry gods. I calmed her down and told her that it was not the gods that were angry. This bone was part of the remains of a great dragon who lived long ago. Her father had disturbed his eternal rest and was punished for it. However, it was too late now to return the bone, as the damage was already done. I taught her how to use the power within the bone and told her that she should use this power to protect the weak and heal the sick. This would carry on the legacy of the great dragon and appease his anger.   After a month or so we parted ways and she wandered off. Many years later I learned that she founded a cult to worship dragons and recruited many people to her cause. This cult still exists today, some three or four thousand years later, known as the Dragonic Order.

Manufacturing & Usage

Items manufactured from dragon bones are commonly known as Dragon Bone Talisman. Not that the processing is actually necessary. Just using a dragon bone is just as effective, but the form often has ritualistic or ceremonial meaning. And carrying around an entire dragon bone is just impractical as it is much too large.   When processing dragon bones it usually creates dragon bone splinters and dust. Both are used to create potions, pills and other remedies with powerful effects. The dust is also an important component of the dragon tattoos created to mark dragon loyalists. Which is why anyone who processes dragon bones takes great care to not lose any dust.


Dragon bones are not reusable. Once they are used up they become inert and cannot be recharged. Many have tried to do so but nobody was successful. Depleted bones are valued as prestige objects coveted by collectors and dragon loyalists.


The distribution and trade with dragon bones is highly restricted. Almost all dragon bone is directly in the hands of dragon loyalists and their organizations. Purchasing it is essentially impossible. A small number of accredited traders can sell dragon bone dust to trusted buyers. Most of the time the dust is sold at auctions and are sold for anywhere from 10'000 to 100'000 dollars per gram.   On the black market dragon bones are even more expensive and very rare. Anyone found to have dealings with dragon bones is hunted down by dragon loyalists and executed for their crimes. Only the most bravest or foolish dare to offer this trade.

Laws & Regulations

Dragon bones fall under the self-declared jurisdiction of the APU Dragon Bone Division. They enforce the dragon bone monopoly of the dragon loyalists with stealth and violence. Anyone found to trade or own non-accredited dragon bone is tracked down and when possible captured by a retrieval team. In the past anyone caught was executed, but today often get away with the worst night of their life.


Dragon bone does not require any special storage. However, due to their strong supernatural aura they are easy to detect. This means anyone dealing with these bones knows to store them in containers that hide this aura from the dragon bone division. Although nobody knows how most are aware that they can detect this aura from large distances.
Carved Dragon Bone by SoulLink via MidJourney
A carved dragon bone used in rituals as a power source.

Cover image: Dragon Bone Display by SoulLink via Midjourney


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