Dragon Bones

The bones of dragons contain massive amounts of mystical energies. Even after millions of years, the mystical energies are still present. The bones have properties which allow them to preserve and store this energy for a very long time. This is what makes these bones a precious resource for any human and other species with magical abilities. They can draw on the energies to strengthen their spells and rituals or create powerful Dragon Bone Talisman with enchantments.

Geological Deposits

Dragon bones are present in sediments all around the world. The geological sediments these bones can be found in are between 65 to 250 million years old. Large concentrations of these bones usually indicate the location of a dragon cemetery. These dragon cemeteries are a rare find. Many of them have already been excavated and are under the control of the dragon loyalists and the Society of Dragonic Paleontology. Today a finding dragon bones is rare, but can still be done as there were a great many dragons during those times.

Cultural Significance

The use of dragon bones has a long history in many cultures. They can be used in magical rituals or as a powerful basis for protective charms. Many cultures found ways to weaponized the dragon bones as well.


There is a long history of humans using dragon bones. There is evidence from as early as the Indus Valley civilizations. Since then most civilizations have had some contact with dragon bones.

Manufacturing & Usage

Items manufactured from dragon bones are commonly known as Dragon Bone Talisman. Though for a dragon bone to be useful to a magic user no processing is actually needed. The energies are always there and can be used straight away by simply coming into contact with it.   When processing dragon bones it usually creates dragon bone splinters and dust. Both are used to create potions, pills and other remedies with powerful effects. The dust is also an important component of the dragon tattoos. Any processor of dragon bone will take great care to not lose any of it.


Dragon bones are not reusable. Once the mystical energies within a dragon bone are used up they become ordinary bone. However, the amount of energy stored within a bone is enormous and may last for many centuries. It is not possible to store other types of energies within the bones. Depleted bones have at most a sentimental value or can be considered a prestige object coveted by collectors.


The distribution and trade with dragon bones is highly restricted. Almost all dragon bone is directly in the hands of dragon loyalists and their organizations. Purchasing it is essentially impossible. There is a small market to purchase dragon bone dust which is sold for thousands of dollars per gram by a handful of akkredited traders around the world.   On the black market dragon bones are even more expensive and very rare. Anyone found to have dealings with dragon bones is hunted down by dragon loyalist enforces and usually killed on the spot. As a result only very few people dare to trade in dragon bones.

Laws & Regulations

Dragon bones fall under the self-declared juristiction of a special unit within APU Security. They enforce the dragon bone monopoly of the Under the guidance of Cassidy herself they enforce the monopoly of the Dragon Bone Exchange. Anyone found to trade or own non-accredited dragon bone will be punished by the agency.


Dragon bone does not require any special storage. However, due to their strong mystical nature dragon bones are often stored in special containers which suppress the detection of the mystical energies from affar. This protects them bones from being found too easily. Especially important if you have them unauthorized.
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