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Kitsune Coming of Age Ceremony

This was inspired by the World Anvil Summer Camp of 2021: A Coming of Age Ceremony

The Kitsune do not have a large population and are mostly endemic to the continent of Renga. Due to this all of the species share in this rite of passage. The rite begins when the one turns 14 years of age. The rite shows them that they have become an adult and shows them their life goal for their +1000 years of life. This rite will also stop the kitsune's physical aging when finished.


The ritual is told to the young Kitsune  by a parent or guardian of the kitsune. They are told to find a Kitsune High Priest of their species. Often finding one is not easy to complete. They often travel the world hidden from the public like much of their species. For the few that live in the Forest of Illusions, one is easy to find. This in and of its self is part of the ritual.   After a Kitsune High Priest is found. They first make a room devoid of all sensory input. Next, they light up many candles in the room. After which they draw a magic circle in Magi Script. The young Kitsune is to sit in the middle of the magic circle.   Finally, young Kitsune is guided into a meditation ritual by the Kitsune High Priest. This allows the young Kitsune to commune with the [Kitsune creator spirit]. Here they will spend time with her to figure out their life goal for their +1000 year life span.

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