Running the Seven

Jalla Calleio frowned. Again she scanned the list for her name. It should be there. One by one she scans the names... and there it is, again with her formal name. She sighs annoyed. Formal or not, her name is on the list and it was her time to run.

Running the Seven is hard. Not impossible, just hard, and if you have bad luck it's even dangerous. She has been training vigouroulsy to get in shape. Training with that guy, Avon Hythar has worked out very well. Avon, a handsome young man is in excellent condition and knws how to improve condition and muscle strength. She smiles when she remembers the training and time spend with him.

She looks at her wristpad to read the rules for the test. This time the rules are clear and simple, the weather forecast is important, a weapon (she carries a katana family heirloom) and a pathfinder (ARG or Augmented Reality Glassess). she also has a inherited compass that she keeps for good luck.


Based on military prowess the "Run the Seven" was a exam for marines to show their qualities. when the earth fell into dismay the exercises where abandoned and the exam forgotten. 70 years ago some young people found records about running from the base to outpost 7 and they brought the paper out in the open. The first run was a great success and people called it fun. All the participants where 16 years of age. only one of them did the trial within the time limit. (the time trial limits where taken from the original record, not showing the fact that the route was based on running a straight line on a road. So beating that time under the current jungle is quite impressive.) The next month someone popular became 16 and wanted to trun the trial to prove himself equal to the first one to beat the time. From that day on everyone who became 16 wanted to show their qualities. In the past 70 years that people where doing that a path has been carved out but the monsters along the path also where more and more dangerous.


The participant has to run a distance of 12-kilometer in 50 minutes to outpost number 7.

Components and tools

the participant may run however he or she likes, but may not use vehicles or other devices, except for an electronic compass or Augmented Reality to find the way. It's advised that any participant or contestant is armed against the ever more aggressive wildlife


there are referees (using drones to keep track) and the participant. The base A.I. gives the signal and keeps track.


several people keep track with a drone. One drone is heavily armed to protect the contestant against monsters, but only when things go wrong. The contestant may defend.


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