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The Enlistment Into Manhood

Due to all men having to enlist it is natural for the coming of age ceramony for Aerians to be the enlistment itself. This enlistment naturally contains challenges however the ceromony has added celebration and reward for being enlisted, transforming a dull, grim, or mournful event into a celebration.


Depending on how many boys are going to enlist the trials of the Enlistment will take place on various days during First-Budding. Often before the day that the boy has to go to his particular trial his family and friends will hold a small feast, waiting until after the trial for the proper feast. During this feast the boy is usually given a weapon, piece of armor, or shield, that has been passed down through the generations and was used in the trial of their fathers enlistment in their fathers before them, although what is given if anything and by whom depends on the family situation as well as the wealth of the family, however this rarely has much effect on the outcome of the trial as those without gear are loaned gear to use in the trials, however because of tradition and pride any boy would prefer to have their fathers sword than one simply loaned to them. The next day they are taken to the arena of Aeroudouth along with 19 other boys there for the same purpose. The challenge they face will vary from year to year, day to day, and often group to group. The Lords of the Trial decide what they will face and ensure that whatever they face their success against it will prove their readiness as a soldier, although often combat is part if not all of the challenge there have been some years where a group made enlistment without even drawing a blade. At this point the boys will have been studying battle tactics for months and training with arms and armor for years. The Lords of the Trial have complete sovereignty over the trial and choose when it ends, if someone has to be taken out early, and who qualifies to enlist. Should the boy succeed they will be enlisted in the Aerian army, be put in the tax books as one to recieve a heavy tax break when off duty, or if eligible even payment, just as all other soldiers do, however they are also likely to be sent to guard post and battles soon after, but before this the night of their success another, much larger, feast is held in their honor by their family, gifts are sometimes exchanged here although much of the time keeping the gear given to them before they went to the trials is gift enough, however universally that in front of friends and family the boy is declared a man, and an honorable and noble warrior of Aerodouth. Should they fail, however, shame is put upon their heads and their families along with their friends should they still have any. Any family arms or armor given to them are revoked and they are deemed a Mault, Aerian slang roughly meaning "half-man". Although the shame is likely to wane with the years following these Mault are never shown the same respect as other Aerians.


The Enlistment Into Manhood or more accurately although less cheerfully referred to as simply enlisting into the armies of aerodouth is observed once a boy survives to his 15th spring, during First-Budding the enlisting trials and ceremonies are held in Aerodouth and all such boys are required to attend.
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