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Aerodouth is a city of immense martial power. Almost every citizen in its walls can hold their own with an orc and those that are especially talented are known to compete in the King's Arena, where beasts that would strike fear into the hearts of most become playthings. Many of the other cities will call upon Aerodouth for aid if a threat they can't handle emerges, and when Aerodouth can't handle it, those are dark days that have only ever been broken by legendary heroes.


Aerodouth is full of human warriors but with a promise of wealth and fame to anyone who can become a war hero or military leader it attracts powerful races from all over, half-orcs, goliaths, and dwarves are the most common second to humans who make up most of Aerodouths population


Aerodouth has always been run by a monarch with unquestionable authority however each leader in the bloodline so far has been fair and just being taught by the generation before. The king or queen does use the generals in his armies to help run some aspects of the city like taxes and land grants.


Surrounding the city is a 60ft. tall wall that has a massive gate at the southern end of the city. The walls are lined with archers and ballistae. The guards of the city are armed with only armor, spears, and shortswords, however these weapons are of high quality and each guard is trained well enough to take down all but the strongest warriors.

Industry & Trade

There are many cities in Silvaria that cannot afford a standing military, so instead they hire Aerians to be their army. They defend the other cities against raiders and dragons and in repayment the city gets paid in gold and other goods. The city itself however has little to offer in goods. Outside it's walls within it's borders small towns produce food and other goods that can be found in the market stalls of the city and some traders choose Silvaria as their place of trade considering it's central location in Silvaria.


There is the mudfield for games of hog the hog, the Kings arena, a library, and the North Hold which is simply the monarchs castle. In terms of general infrastructure the city is modest. The roads are of cobblestone but are dirty, they have aqueducts however they only flow through certain sections of the city, and streetlamps only exist on the largest roads through town.


There is a lot of weapons and armor for sale here as well as other combat based items, a lot of things can be found here but Aerodouth is know for its capability in warfare and not its trade. Magic items, foreign goods, and rare materials are very hard to find here.

Guilds and Factions

There is the Guardians Guild and the Mercenaries Guild. These two fight over the young men and women of the Aerodouth to join them. The Guardians get paid to train warriors to protect Aerodouth and other cites and towns and the other trains warriors to go out into the world and cull it of monsters and explore ruins and adventure. The Guardians Guild has a much higher Salary however adventure allures many to the Mercenaries Guild.


The King of this settlement, King Yeren was the one who made the Silver Pact. It was occupied by giants during the reign of giants and attacked by the legions of Gulthias's minions. This city is notorious for it's history of being the last to fall when disasters befall Silvaria, however they are also notorious to be the ones hit the hardest and the slowest to recover. Aerodouth is one of the oldest settlements in Silvaria and is known for it's noble warrior kings and battle mage queens. It is tradition for the kings to be warriors and the queens to be magic users.


People in Aerodouth like to adorn their houses in fierce looks. Many houses have corners ending in sharp edges with decorative spikes. and red, gold, and dark-grey are popular. The architecture reflects the fierceness of those that live in them.


It lies in the center of Silvaria (a little North) and gets water from a nearby river known as Hearth River which flows by Hearth Forest.

Natural Resources

The only natural resources there are are the farms on the plains outside the city that feed the troops.
Alternative Name(s)
"The Steel Hold"
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
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