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Bucaths' First Flight Ceremony

All Harawyrs coming of age consist of their first flight, though each ethnicities do it differently. The Bucaths' Fight Flight ceremony, consist of four stages: The ritual, the Climb, the Flight, and the Hunt. But the actual coming of age is longer, due to some traditions, so even if you have completed the First Flight, it does not mean you are perceived as of age yet, it just means you are on your way.


The First Flight is when a Harawyrs body is evolved enough to being able to fly. It is the marking, that they are grown up, and is able to start their own family. But though time each Harawyr ethnicities have their own traditions concerning their coming of age.

The Bucath have always enjoyed hunting, and that is a part of their First Flight ceremony. But after mapmaking have become essential for their culture, their first hunt is the Lykópen, the fish in the freshwaterlake Lyni, that they make Thuat - sewing needle of.


The beginning ceremony is very secretive, but from what most scholars can gather, it is sort of a dance in order to symbolise the shreading of the last pinfeathers.
Then comes the climb, which is basically all the yong ones going through this ceremony, will climb to the tree that is farthest up the mountain, and climb into the tree. Afterwards they will fly one by one.
After the Climb comes the hunt, where they have to catch the fish Lykópen. Most succeed, but those who do not can try again untill they have caught one.

But though the ceremony is official done, the actual coming of age only happens after the younglings have successfully made a Thuat of a self-caught Lykópen.
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