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On the border of Magaun that leads to the mountainrange of Gallina is a small tribe of Harawyr located. They call their tribal people for Bucath, inspired by their similarities with the bird buzzard.
Like all harawyrs, the Bucath are slightly smaller than humans, though they belong to the larger side of the harawyrs, with their body length of 116 cm and wingspan of 280 cm. And like all harawyrs, they have arms, legs, and face similar to a Dynbodaul, but the rest of the body is more similar to birds.

Most Bucathian people are dark brown above and on the upperside of the head, but can become paler and warmer brown with worn plumage.

Expert mapmakers

The Bucath have been quite notable for their accurate and beautiful sewn maps. The Bucath learns from a very early age to sew and draw shapes of maps, after Bucaths' First Flight Ceremony they will learn to keep still in air, and slowly learn how to sew whilst in air with a needle made of a special kind of fishbone, called Thuat - sewing needle. It is a fine line between sewing without mistakes and doing it fast enough, so the Bucath does not become too tired when concentrating on both standing still in air with wings flapping, and when sewing. Though the sewing from air is only a rough outline of the map, it is still very neatly done.

After they land and have taken a break, they start to fill out their maps with more details. While some copies it onto paper with ink, to trade with Dynbodaul. The maps of Bucath are quite popular amongst dynbodaul, though they tend to copy the maps to put in some details of their own, and claiming it is their own invention, most people, however, knows it is the work of Bucath, some dynbodauls just does not like there are species who are better at making things than themselves.

The idea for making maps, came from the Bucaths long travels before settling down. They wanted to sort out areas that fitted their ethnicity, and other similar harawyr tribes are using the Bucaths maps as well, though exchange between East and West no longer happens due to the Chasm of the Beast, and therefore the Bucath is restricted to trade with the Ghrefeim, Dynbodauls, and other smaller tribes of Harawyr.

The relationship between most Dynbodauls north of Myndoed Gallina]and Bucath are not friendly, since the Bucath have been hunted down for not believing in neither Lasfydd nor Lesfydd. Their belief is solely based on woodland spirits and their ancestors.
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