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The Chasm of the Beast

Rathias took a spear and threw it as far as she could, it reached all across the middle of the continent. Where the spear flew over, the earth shook and started to split. A chasm was made, it went so deep into the ground, that it seemed to be bottomless.

— The Book of Irath. Chapter: The Chasm

The Chasm is a huge crack that divides Western Agia from the Lands of Myths, and stretches from the Northern Sea to the Southern. Only on very clear days you can see the other side of the chasm, otherwise it is as if the world ends with the chasm's cliff, for no bottom can be seen when standing at the top.

There is a myth correlated to this Chasm, a Beast lies at the bottom and if not fed, it will eat the Western part of Agia. The nation, Fundras, is the only nation directly having its territory bordering the Chasm, and feeds the Beast with sacrifices. Some say the screams of the people that are being sacrificed are deafening, and can be heard from several miles away.
There are three possible entries to the Chasm; the Southern stream, the Northern stream, and the climbing down the chasm's wall. The southern entrance is not easy to come by, as the chasm wall reaches the cliffs of lower part of Western Agia, and impossible to sail to due to sharp stones in the sea prevents any ship nearby.
The Northern entrance is less problematic, at least land wise. The waves og the Northern Sea, and the small steam flowing into the chasm, makes it very dangerous to cross. One can guess, the dark continues the further you reach into the chasm, and if your torch suddenly goes out due to the moisture, you are sure to be dead.
Idiots, I mean, explorers have tried to travel to the bottom, and have never returned. I guess the Beast got extra dinner then.
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