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Lyni'chólad is the tribe of Bucaths, that lives between the Myndoed Galline and the freshwater lake Lyni.

The Bucathian tribe highly value the nature and their religion is based on their understanding of their ancestors and the nature surrounding them.


There are no seemingly hierarchy in the tribe, they do have a leader called the Ceidakas, or the Keeper in our understanding. The Ceidakas is responsible for solving any internal disputes that cannot be solved by themselves, and is also meant to be the preserver of knowledge and stories. Either the spouse or the Ceidakas is the religious leader as well for the tribe.

Teachers of the tribe are also highly valuable roles inside the tribe, since they help teaching the stories and the old map-making craftsmanship, which the tribe is renowned for. They help children learn how to fly, and slowly teaching them how to make the embroidered maps. When the young bucaths have their First Flight Ceremony, they are considered part of the tribe, and no longer needs the teachers to guide them.

But all members of the tribe are considered equal no matter what their role in the tribe is.


A huge part of the Bucaths' religion is based on the sky. The Bucaths believe they originated from a fire bird, Purtiaderis. Every morning it is reborn in fire, and every night it dies. They believe the Glux is the bird, and the Tewyblis is the ashes from its death. Sometimes the ashes last longer on the sky, making the ashes visible during the day as well. And every morning, the bucaths greets their ancestor by singing.

Foreign Relations

The Lyni'chólad has a lot of dealings with nations across Western Agia. Their maps are particular highly sought after so trade is not a problem for them. The political agendas of the nearby nations has caused a lot of distress for the Bucaths.


The Galidynos are noisy with their mining, disturbing the wildlife which the Bucaths are very dependent on for hunting. And to make matters worse, Cerreg has made tunnels for both Dynbodaul and Ghrefeims alike to travel from the upper part of Western Agia to the lower part, which causes traffic near the tribe.


Magaun is the country who actually owns the territory which the tribe lives on, but they are acceptable towards the bucaths. although the bucaths is seen as backward and undeveloped, making them treat the bucaths as children instead of persons. This makes the bucaths weary of any interactions with any Dynbodaul, and prefer staying in their tribe. Most bucathian speak a language resembling Magaunian, but is almost unable to have a conversation in other languages.
They have mostly been trading their maps for food and finely crafted needles in metal with Magaun, which Magaun has become rich on selling to other nations.

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