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Myndoed Galline

High above the sea
Lies mountainrage Galline
No ones been to the top of ice
For there is a monster, a tiger of lies.

Do not climb above the mountainrage
There you find only a world so strange
No man or creature of life can breathe
Because the air and the wind has teethe
-Poem by unknow poet
  In the middle of Galidynos in Western Agia, lies the largest mountainrange in Western Agia. It is shaped like a 'T' and the bottom marks the border between Magaun, Galidynos, and Indras. The mountains are high and covered with snow. However, only few dares to cross the mountain pass instead of going through the cave system beneath. This is because the wind is strong and harsh which makes breathing hard, also the weather only get colder the higher you get.


Only myths about the top of the mountains exist, because no one dares to climb. The Bucaths may have seen it from above, and the only thing you hear from them is: "The mountains are covered with white and unlandable."
From the mountains several streams flows down due to the melting water of the mountains icy tops. Some mountains have lakes, which are accessible for the most daring adventurers that can survive the conditions. The two largest rivers, Myklan and Clûdwír, in Western Agia have their sources in Galline, the area they float through is called The Flooded Scars.

Localized Phenomena

Deep beneath the mountains is a giant cave system. No one seem to know how the cave system came to be, but according to the book of Irath, the Ghrefeims, a small sized people of about 100 cm with ashen skin, were given this domain by the goddess, for they were the protectors of the small. Inside the cave system they have built cities, with buildings carved into the stone in several floors.

If many Dynbodaul were not so picky about where to be, they would marvel at the wonders of the cave cities, carved by the hands of Ghrefeims. Unfortunately, most Dynbodauls find things underneath the ground dirty. But there are some, mostly travelers and merchants who travel through these caves, to get faster to the upper part or lower part of Western Agia.
The Ghrefeim's capital, Cerreg, has one of the source stream for the river Myklan.

Inside these mountains the Litsin Sidamelo can be found, which is one of the more vital fungies for the Ghrefeims, since it can be cooked and made for clothing.


The Galline mountainrage has a huge importance in the story of Irath's Flooding. The people of Western Agia climbed the mountains to be safe from the flooding, which the goddess had warned them about. Because of this, most of the population in Western Agia survived.

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