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The Reattachment

This coming of age ceremony is practiced by the Untethered society the resides within the Leaking Caverns. For the children specifically raised in these Caverns they lack an innate connection to neither the Underdark nor the mortal plane. While for most of their life up until this point it has had no impact it is found the older the get the more this can have lasting repercussions on their health. As such a coming of age ritual was established to fix that.


When the Untethered population first discovered the Caverns from the Underdark portal the saw it as a secluded area that could be used to raise children until they are at the age they could defend themselves from the horrors in the Underdark. After a few mishaps they soon found that they could not exist in these Caverns permanently so a ritual was conducted to innately connect an untethered to a specific plane


When one of the Untethered reaches the years where they are determined to be “in transition to adulthood” they will be brought to a cavern commonly believed to be the center of the network of caves. Special chains will be placed on their wrists and their eyes will be medicated to be incredibly sensitive, after which they are blindfolded. The young adult must then make their way through the cavern system, avoiding horrors and the like.

Components and tools

  • Chains of Binding: the chains attached to the person are specialty made with an ore from the Underdark. The chains are wrapped around the ankles and wrists of the one going through the ceremony. They are heavy and loud requiring time to move with them on. This delicate chain will either dissolve when exposed to direct sunlight or harden and magically lock when exposed to the atmosphere of the Underdark. It is the mean by which someone is bound to the plain
  • Redcry eye sedative: the bioluminescent is taken from the plant and made into an ointment for the eye. This makes the eyes extremely susceptible to light and will allow the eyes to naturally adapt to the light of the underdark
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