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The Walkabout

Written by Pookas Kreations

The Walkabout is a very intense ritual. Wild Halfling tribes in Dinoterra send their boys on a 'long walk' by themselves. This can take over 6 months and encompasses more than 1,000 miles. As soon as they can walk, the boy begins his training, when it is decided that they are ready to undertake the journey, they are sent on their Walkabout.   This is a spiritual journey as well as a physical one. This journey can take only months or years. They are meant to grow spiritually as well as physically, meet outsiders of various races and philosophies. They need to know how to survive, pay attention to their surroundings, and learn about themselves.  They are provided with no clothes or equipment but are expected to survive and make what they need. If they are open, they will meet their spirit guide, who leads them where they need to go.


This ritual has been used as long as any tribe remembers. No one knows how it was started or when. It used to only happen on Dinoterra, but now it encompasses where ever it needs to.


As the child grows into adolescence, they are taught the skills they will need, how to recognize their spiritual guide, and what they need to do.

Components and tools

Leading up to the ceremony, they must fast, take sweat baths and meditate. Before they leave, they participate in a 3-day feast, then dawn send-off. They are allowed to take a knife, a small canteen and wear a loincloth.


The ceremony is led by the chief,  father, and shaman. A group of youth are usually sent off at the same time, although different directions are taken.


They can leave anytime between 10-16 when they and their shaman believe they are ready. It usually takes place on the full moon nearest to midsummer.
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