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The Spring Advent of Sarinet

The Spring Advent of Sarinet is a festival celebrating the work and talents of composers and performers efforts over the past year. It is an event that is closed to the public. It is rumored to be a contest, through which the winner takes to the road for a sponsored and promotional tour.  To the Sarinet is a cerrmonial showcase of the talents of the Sarinet people.


The Spring Advent of Sarinet originated as an plan to educate young members of the Sarinet family traditions and to focus the young minds during the cold and dim winters.  It has grown in cultural significance as not only educational, but spiritual as the Sarinet has grown beyond a single family of wind instrument reed makers to a close group of affiliated peoples in producing the finest reeds and also some of the worlds foremost composers  and performers specializing in reed instruments.


Each year, as the spring dawns upon the Sarinet, a multiple day festival is held to consisting of concerts and solo performances by each member  of the Sarinet.  The lesser skilled performers are often grouped together for these performances and composers will premier a new composition or conduct a group of performers of the piece.  The performances are organized by a committee based on the skill of the performers culminating in the spotlight performance of the year.  Each year, performers and performances are evaluated in attempt to reach a crescendo in performance quality leaving the audience with a desire for more and greater performance in the following year.


All children of the Sarinet begin musical training, often with a clarinet, at the age of three. At seven years of age, the youngsters are introduced to a second instrument of their choice. That instrument can be variations on the clarinet (bass, alto, soprano) or be chosen from the oboe or saxophone families. At ten years of age, the children often continue some level of performance studies, but can begin focusing on manufacture or composition as well.   The final and highlighted performance of the festival is the focus of a promotional tour throughout the coming summer season and an extreme honor.  historically, there are only a handful of performers having earned the distinction more than once in their lifetimes and only a single individual who has performed three or more times in the ultimate performance.


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