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Day of Harmony

Summer Camp 2021

This is one of the most important traditions. Without this there would be chaos. I’m glad this exists. - Random Citizen
This happens when newborns come into the world and during the afternoon. This tradition is done all over the world but with different practices. Disregarding the tradition is disrespectful. Countries that don’t do this are hidden in secret and wiped from the maps. The most famous one being Skaule, the most dangerous country.    This happens near a river or lake. During storms its held inside a special building like a church.


“They announce the parent(s) and then put a necklace or ring on the newborn. There is usually clapping at the end. Celebration includes congratulations and calm music. It only lasts for 20 minutes but it feels like a great honor and amazing.” - Traditions and Rituals by Keran Damaris

Components and tools

by Stephen Pouliot
They give out necklaces for the girls and rings for the boys. They are imbued with a special powder that keeps the powers under control. Without it the powers would be too dangerous to handle. The necklaces and rings stay with the children throughout their entire life. They expand as the children grow up.  

What happens when jewelry is removed

When the necklaces/rings are removed they cause the user to have no control over their abilities. They are okay if its off for 10 minutes but after that it’s chaos. A few can manage to not be affected by it. It can be reversed when its put back on. One individual is fine but a whole city is basically unstoppable.  


  They come in many different shapes and designs. The necklaces have a gem, special patterns, circles, etc. The rings have a gem, gold like color, or a simple iron, nickel ring. They can be custom made as well. There aren’t any records of custom jewelry.


The new father/mother and the nurses. Occasionally friends of the new parent. The nurses are the ones who do the ceremony.
10,000 years ago

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Cover image: by SnapWireSnaps on Pixabay


Author's Notes

Image credit: Olivia Tatiane, Sabrinna Ringquist, Nick Karvounis on Unsplash. Deming9120 on Dreamstime

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