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It was created during the first ever need for it, when an angel reached thirty years of age, after that an angle under goes a expansion of mental capacity, which takes any ware from three to five months. Although it is not necessary, is the ritual is preformed, the Angel has a hundred percent chance of survival, if not then only a seventy percent chance, its execution has remained stable. The practice has seen increased interest in the past four years, as the Stone Conservers have started efforts to translate the chant.


Once the Angel is on a gate (A large square carved into the ground) Seraphim begin a chant, the meaning of which has been lost to the mountains of stone tablets on the ritual as a whole. After which a heavenly light shines down from the glittering black sky, after a few minutes it is over, and the Angel is in a coma for the nest three to five months, until he wakes up, with an expanded mental state. Some triangles, but those require a harder chant and is rarely used, though some say it is better.


Of course there must be Seraphim, at least six, though some have nine or even twelve or above, always in multiples of three, others may attend as well, to see the ceremony, or maybe close friends. Some times Dominions will come, often in swarms to observe the ritual, but that is rare. However Seraphim are very picky on who preforms it, so there are many who do it professionally, and so they are often in attendance.
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