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Stone Conservers

Public Agenda

They present themselves as simple seekers, those who want to know more about the universe, however this is rarely believed. Because they are the only Angels to worship anything they are viewed as off, and weird, they are respected for their work, but behind their back less so. They know this and so prefer to emulate the Conservation part, not so much the religious portion of their work.

Divine Origins

Although there are many organizations dedicated to serving of the Father, and honoring and praise of him and other facets of the world, the Stone Conservers are the first the actively worship a portion of this world. They started as a group of Angels that collected Stone Tablets and even tried the translate a few, but grew into a large organization. Worship started with a supposed vision from a high ranking member, from the Light, he said it was a mission to conserve knowledge, not only that, but to translate it as well. Being the Light, the only thing higher than the The Father, worship soon blossomed.

Tenets of Faith

The Conservers believe that while knowledge is sacred, it is not a free commodity, those who are not worthy shall not gain knowledge. They follow three laws, one; Thou shall respect all knowledge worthy of the Light, two; Knowledge is information the contributes to society, three; None shall know all, for that would be to defy the Light. Althouhg certain portions are hard to interpret, the main focus is on the preservation but not missuse of knowledge.


Although the structure is a very spread out system, with many people wearing many hats, there is a hierarchy. Often the most accomplished or knowledgeable people end up on top, delegating tasks to others, an organizing the relocation of piles upon piles of untranslated stone tablets, as well as simply taking control over storage centers. They often wear a red sash, decorated with a code created by themselves, it always translates into "The Light shall guide those who seek, the Son shall fall by those who know".

The Light shall guide those who seek, the Son shall fall by those who know

Founding Date
Consortium, Research

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