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The Dominions did have a marital structure but is was discarded after they left the Empire. Currently there is a council, but they are only there if absolutely needed. Most of the time they travel in groups of five of six, and wander. Large gathering only happen when something big is going down, therefore negating the need for leadership. The top brass usually just sit around enjoying themselves as well.


As of now they reside in heaven simply enjoying their time, they know it's only a matter of time before they are forced to fight, but as of not they have a very laid back attitude. Although they are Higher Creations, because they are the most perfected, they are also the most similar the Angels, meaning they find their company okay. However they rarely engage with Angels as the Angels view them as lower beings, this fuels a desire for acceptance.


Although they were originally a portion of the Empire of the Son and the highest ranked in the entire empire at that, after the defeat at the Battle of Eden, most defected to the Angelic Core, hence their name among the Empire, Treachery. They shared a multitude of information and were rewarded with amnesty, however the Empire still remember the betrayal, they still cast a long shadow over those who remained loyal to the Empire, taking not only their respect, but much of their rank as well. Many of the younger Various Creations view them as a old and scary orginization, often staying away from whatever is left of them within the Empire.

Thou Son shall fall or rise, on the throne of Dominion

Founding Date
Alternative Names
Traitor, Lower, Amen
Parent Organization

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