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Gelida Battleaxe crafting

The Gelida court of the frost jötunaar are a tribal people whose culture revolves around the belief that a jötunaar must prove themselves through trials of character. These are usually events of great significance in the world, with them testing there will both mentally and physically. These tests may be physical, social or intellectual, including anything from athletics and combat skills to political struggles and traditions. Unlike the storm jötunaar whom have their ancestral blades passed down to them, these battleaxes are created and customised by the jötunaar.A Following their fulfilment the frost jötunaar is tasked with crafting their own battleaxe, a symbol of their maturing into a true Gelidan jötunaar.  Two crafted their battleaxe they must use the materials presented to them by their proving event and whatever they can find in the natural world. Due to this there are numerous styles and motifs of battleaxe, with some battleaxes being adorned with tokens acquired from their proving. Some have been known to have coins where gems adorning their exes, who were proving themselves in a social setting, while the jötunaar who proved themselves in combat may have fragments of bone, twine banner strips around the great or a vial of blood swinging from the handle. The handles of the battleaxe is a wooden shaft wrapped in animal hide straps, but some have been known to have used metal handles instead, providing an edge in close combat situations allowing them to strike their opponent with extra force, sometimes enough to incapacitate what killed their adversary. Closer to the blade there may be room's, chimes, tokens or other such motifs carved or attached to the shaft. The runes inscribed are typically bestowed by one of the courts shamans in a  ritualistic manner.


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