Sight Night

The Red Swarm celebrates a child's coming of age through their Sight Night.  Since arcanesight became an important trait for cultural practices and community safety, private and public celebrations focus on the different types of magic.   On the occasion that a child does not exhibit signs of arcanesight, they are still given a Sight Night celebration. Instead of focusing on viewable magic, the festivities center on storytelling.  Many of the narratives center on foresight and presentsight, often emphasizing skills the child exhibits rather than a mold in which to fit.   These two different types of celebrations harken back to The Red Swarm's history.  The first to awaken with arcanesight was Tansa Learv.  In this first generation of magic-seers, Wellann Brahnk was the only member of the swarm to be completely magic-blind.  Wellann, however, is honored as the savior of the Red Swarm for feeding everyone, boosting their morale, and reciting stories of Basi and the world's creation.  It is believed that Wellann received the power of prophecy and foresight from Basi during this time.


Children of the first seers are born with an extra cone in their eyes and do not experience blindness before their gift of sight is bestowed upon them.  When they become perceptive enough to complete a series of tasks using their arcanesight, the community comes together to celebrate their Sight Night.   The Red Swarm has two main festivities on Sight Night. A public outdoor celebration and a private indoor one.  

Community Wide Celebrations

This ceremony seeks to honor the child, the story of the first seers, and a Basi-centric version of the creation myth but is really just a great excuse for a dance party.  
A variety of magic shimmers throughout the Corpse Woods. While beautiful
to any seer with arcanesight, the visuals appear dull to morbid to all others.  
Basi's Prayer
Life and Death, Death and Life
Bless your Heart, Bless your Sight

May you know where you've been
May you see the light again

Bless your Soul, Bless your Eyes
Always open to the skies
Still Weaving by Self

Personal Celebrations

Because of the intimate nature of sight, a person will typically spend their Sight Night with a few close friends.   Together, they'll chat into the wee hours, sometimes philosophizing, about life, sometimes just vibing, and other times sharing intimate moments together. The following morning, the party will celebrate with a late breakfast and toast to the vision and well wishes of foresight.
Still Weaving by Self


Arcanesight is an ability created by the overwhelming magic that wracked the Corpse Woods one century ago.   Tansa Learv (she/her/hers) is best known as the first person with arcanesight in the Red Swarm.   Wellann Brahnk (they/them/theirs) is best known for keeping the swarm grounded and safe during the magical upheaval.


  • A relatively new tradition, The Red Swarm has only performed Sight Night rituals for a hundred years or so.

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arcanesight - ability to see magic as spectrum, described in Tarantellia as a shimmer as opposed to a color.
foresight - ability to see situations as they will be
present sight - ability to see situations as they are

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