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Rilanga School Graduation

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The Rilanga way of celebrating graduation from secondary school.


Certificate Ceremony

Early in the day, the graduating classes gathered in the largest hall of their school, accompanied by their parents and siblings. After an introductory speech, the school director then called the graduates up to the front one by one. Certificates were handed out sorted by the final grade in ascending order. Additionally, each one received their graduation scarf which was draped around their neck. At the end of the ceremony, all graduates stood in front of the audience and sang the Rilanga anthem together.  

Family Lunch

Following the certificate ceremony, the graduates returned home to meet with their extended family. After having lunch together, their relatives usually gave them presents such as books, writing tools or money for their driving license. If the graduate had already decided which subject they would study at the university, presents were often geared towards that. For example, some received a microscope, equipment for a chemistry lab, or their own computer.  

Dinner and Dance

Near the end of the day, the graduates once again went to meet their peers. Together with their parents and siblings, they gathered in a community hall to have a luxurious dinner and dance to music.

Components and tools

Dress Code

During the Certificate Ceremony, the graduates wore their school uniform for what was usually the last time. For the the celebratory dinner, the whole family dressed in their most elegant clothes.  

Graduation Certificate

The certificates or untiba rovufare was neatly printed on high-quality paper, bearing the school's sigil and the signature of its director. An additional report detailed the student's performance with regards to the individual subjects. All documents were bundled in an envelope of equally high quality, sealed with a silver clasp that also showed the school's sigil.  

Graduation Scarf

The ceremonial scarf or hanisa ruvufare given to each graduate was made of sturdy yellow silk. It was embroidered with the school's name and sigil, as well as the graduation year and the wearer's name.


The celebrations took place in late spring, at the end of the graduates' final school year. They were organized on the brightest day in Ranul's orbital cycle, so the exact date used to vary.
Alternative name(s)
Gobuz kebi Rovufare

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