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Confirmation of Purpose

An Oath of Devotion and Passion

I think I'm finally ready to take the oath. After all this time, I finally know what I was always meant to do. Be a good lad and bring me a bowl of water from the lake.
— An old man on his deathbed
  The Confirmation of Purpose is a rite of admission in the Abreanist religion for those who are ready to confirm their devotion to god and to declare their goals in life. A confirmation can only be performed when the person who seeks it is ready. Usually people are most likely to go through with it in their late teens or early twenties, but there have been some who have taken most of their lives to find their life’s purpose.   Despite those few who take the ritual seriously, many choose a simple goal or lie about their readiness. Changing a goal midlife is common, but the clergy has criticised those who’ve been indecisive and unwilling to stick to a single purpose.  


Confirmations, much like the baptisms, must be performed using lake water. This can usually be done at the pool of water that is present in every kiretia. Orthodox Abreanists disagree with the other branches of the faith on this matter, as their confirmations require an actual lake, and not just its water. Hillenists and Baglamists argue that the Orthodox method, although true to the Teachings of Abrea, puts those followers who are far from lakes at a great and unfair disadvantage. They believe that by making the rite more accessible to everyone, they are helping people and therefore fulfilling god’s wishes.   When a person is ready to go ahead with the ritual, they must contact their local kireseria and arrange an agreed upon time. At least one other person besides the cleric must be present to lay witness to the event. This person is usually a family member, close friend, or loved one.    
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Vows in Water

Once everyone is present, the kireseria will guide the person into the water, much like Abrea guided the first uninitiated into the holy lake. The various branches of the religion all have different rules for what one should wear for this occasion. When the water has reached their hips, the two of them will stop and the begin with the oaths.   Both the kireseria and the person going through the rite will recite their oath of devotion to Abrea in unison while holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. Once that’s over, the kireseria will lower the other person into the water so that they are completely submerged.

Gift of Amber

After a prayer, the cleric will lift the person back up and request a vow of purpose from them. With that finished, the two will leave the lake or pool and dry their feet. The kireseria will grant the newly confirmed member of the kiretia an amber pendant which they can proudly wear to display their convictions. Usually the kireseria will hug them after tying it around the person’s neck and then give them a few words of encouragement to help them along with their goal.
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