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Colvara is the Umman Mandan coming of age ceremony that all Elves, boys and girls, complete when they turn 14. Out of all kith, Elves have the youngest and most brutal coming of age ceremony, but it's by necessity; surviving in the frozen north is no easy task, and the tribes require their youth to begin contributing as soon as possible.

Elven Childhood

Being a child among the Umman Manda is tougher than among other kith and cultures, but a child is still afforded some comfort and protection. A child among the Elves wears an amulet called an Ashorn, which serves 2 purposes. The Ashorn is said to protect the child from spirits, who would otherwise eat the child's soul and then inhabit the child's body. But it also serves a much more practical purpose - the tribes of the Umman Manda frequently go to war with each other. The amulet marks the children of the tribe; so long as the child is not immediately threatening an opposing tribesman, the adult tribesman is not allowed to harm the child. This law is enforced by the shaman within each tribe, who see it as vital to maintaining the Elven population. Any adult who breaks this law is subject to penance, exile, or death, depending on the severity of the case.


In the ritual of Colvara, the Elven children give up this protection. Since birth, they have been trained to hunt and fight and on their 14th birthday, they must prove that they will be a valuable member to the tribe. First they must head out into the tundra on their own to track and hunt an animal. Then they must haul the carcass back to camp, skin it, and cook it. Every member of the tribe gets a portion of the meat. During this feat, the tribesmen tell stories of the youth who will soon be an adult. The next day the youth must begin tanning the hide of the animal it slew and when it is cured, they must craft a cloak for themselves. Once this is completed, the youth will act out "The Teachings of Wise Nalomanterys" with the tribe's shaman. Finally, the youth cedes their protection forever, taking off their Ashorn and dedicating it to Hades, asking their Uncle to protect them from death until it's their allotted time.


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