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Sprout of the Horns

Fukelfech polished his horns. Over the past couple of months they had grown from the stubs of childhood into true pointed and curved horns. He could not be more proud of them.   This was the spring equinox and tonight, beneath the moon, he would be honored as a man. It was not a full moon, but there would still be music and dancing.   Hopefully he would get to dance with the lovely Rheenrathyen. She had turned her nose ring up at every boy who had ever asked her to dance, her eyes always wandering to the young men with proper horns. He rubbed his chin which was still childhood smooth.
Maybe she was impressed with a chin beard, he suddenly worried. His had not yet started to grow. With one last polish, he stood tall. Tonight he would find out.   He left his room and went outside to join his family for the walk to the Glade of the Moon. He took up a cornhusk rushlight and lit it from the one burning in his father's hand. Together, they walked into the woods, singing:   "On a hill far away stands an old bristlecone, holding the shine of the moon. And I love that old tree, where the world came to see, we are the people of T'Ar ... "

How It Happens

  Like all peoples, going from childhood to adulthood is a major event. For the Brahmaur, it happens between the ages of fourteen to sixteen. In a span of about three months, their horns start to grow from childish stubs to the proper bovine horns of an adult.  

The Ceremony

  On each equinox, whether it's a full mon or not, the citizens of a Brahmaur settlement gather in their local Glade of the Moon once it is fully night. A special coming of age sermon is held and the young Brahmaur with newly sprouted horns are presented to the herd as new adults.   After the sermon, sweetbreads and ciders are served. Music is played. There is dancing, rejoicing and merriments for a couple hours. Then, everyone heads home.  

Entering Adulthood

  After a young adult has been presented to the herd as a new adult, the very next day they are moved out of their family home. The young men move into a lodge for unmarried males called a barracks. The young women move into a lodge for unmarried women called a dormitory. Old widower males run the barracks while old widowed women run the dormitories. They also serve as advisors to the young men and women.   Along with moving out of the family home, new adults are assigned civic duties while they continue their apprenticeships, studies, or even work for their respective families. For the young men, these civic duties range from keeping up the settlement by fixing and cleaning streets to doing all sorts of related works. For the young women, they tend to be sitters who watch over children while their parents must be away from the home or helping the elderly and the widowed.

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