Oracle's Blessing

Oracle's Blessing is a coming of age ritual that every infant living in Sajhdula goes through in the first two months of their life. It is a very important ritual as it makes the infant part of the community and invites it into their religion. They hold the ritual every full moon in the gardens surrounding the Golden Light Tower. The Oracle performs the ritual with the help of several priests and priestesses.


The ritual first started after the inauguration of the Oracle in 24 AP. It is a way for the people of Sajhdula to get a connection with their oracle. Through this connection, she can easily keep in touch with her people even if they are not physically with her. For example, she can easily find a blessed person when they are report go missing. She can also sense if one of her blessed is about to do something illegal. Or if they are about to hurt someone. From the start, this ritual became an important part of their culture. It is a way for parents to ask their Oracle to keep their child safe throughout life.


During the night of the full moon, people gather in the gardens surrounding the Golden Light Tower. Parents with their infants, and foreigners who wish to live in Sajhdula permanently. Priests and priestesses will first read from the Book of Aeol. During this part of the ritual, several prayers will be said out loud by every participant, except for the infants obviously. Afterwards, the Oracle will start her blessings. Every person to be blessed will be brought forward one by one. The Oracle will draw a symbol on their forehead with holy oil, and whisper words in an unknown language. After the blessings, people usually stay a bit longer and can chat with the Oracle about their hopes and dreams for their child, or for foreigners they can talk about the reasons they are moving to Sajhdula.
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The Oracle of Sajhdula

Blessed foreigners

Any foreigners who want to live in Sajhdula are required to go through this ritual. Without the ritual they will not get the permission to stay in the city for longer than a month. The ritual for foreigners is the same as for infants, and takes place at the same time.


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29 Jul, 2021 00:54

Wow, this is fascinating! It seems like it would be a lot of stress having the Oracle constantly looking in your mind, sensing what you're doing. :O

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Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
29 Jul, 2021 05:01

That's the theory. In reality, she cannot keep up with everyone all the time. There are simply too many people tied to her. Also, for the citizens of Sajhdula, it is just a fact of life. They grow up with that connection, and feel it keeps them safe. I think sometimes this is a false feeling of safety. Since the Oracle can't process everything at once. Thanks for your like and comment! :)

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29 Jul, 2021 18:28

Ooh, that's a good point! I can't imagine trying to keep up with everyone, god-like or no. I'm glad it makes them feel safe, even if it is a false security! :)

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