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The Oracle of Sajhdula

Even though there is much debate about the Oracle's divine state one would think no one can deny her immortality. Yet this is exactly what sparked the multitude of wild conspiracy theories about her. In Sajhdula however it is considered blasphemy to question the Oracle's divine nature or immortality.
— Text-book of Religions


Achala Ulh Methyr is by far the most widely known person in the world. The fact that she has been around for thousands of years and is worshipped as a deity has a lot to do with that. Her history is well documented since she accepted the position of Oracle of Sajhdula. Before that time not that much is known except for what she has willingly shared to historians and scribes. Even the way she became the religious and political leader of Sajhdula is not entirely clear. The myth of The Hanging of the Pale Woman is perhaps the most popular of the many stories surrounding her selection. Due to this myth the people of Sajhdula believe their Oracle is invulnerable. [WIP]

Physical description



Perhaps the biggest accomplishment addressed to Achala Ulh Methyr is that she has managed to make her city virtually criminal proof. Her title of Oracle is not merely there for show. She is in fact gifted with the power to see the past, present and future. This has proven time and time again to be a vital part of the judicial system in Sajhdula.

The Book of Aeol

The Book of Aeol is an ancient text which is the most important religious text for the religion of Sajhdula. The original book was written on 100 scrolls which were kept in the Library of Sajhdula and therefor survived the destruction of The Pulse. It has since been translated and copied numerous times. In present day it is one of the most common books in Sajhdulan households.

Divine Symbol

This article is a WIP for Summer Camp 2020. It is incomplete in its current state.
Full Name
Achala Ulh Methyr
Divine Classification
Current Location
Over 10.000 years, does not remember exactly how old she is
Circumstances of Birth
Pale green
Long, wavy, white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
Related Myths


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2 Jul, 2020 19:00

She sounds like a fascinating woman. I had so many questions running through my head as I read this - and that's a good thing! :D

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This article, like others, gives great detail, but also some mystery and answered questions that draws the mind into this world. The accomplishments and achievement section put me in mind of the movie The Minority Report where a special police unit could see into the future and predict crimes beforehand - useful but also a great source of tension when the 'criminal' hasn't actually done anything wrong yet! It would be interesting to see if this element of the judicial system here is also the cause of similar tensions... my favorite world!

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Thank you so much. The people of Sajhdula certainly want to portray their city as some sort of criminal free haven, but as you pointed out, it is not always that strait forward.

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