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Achala's Noose

The legend of Achala's noose stems from The Hanging of the Pale Woman. The latter is an account of the demise of the last King of Sajhdula as he tried various ways to kill the invulnerable Achala who would later become The Oracle of Sajhdula. One of the ways he tried to kill her was by hanging.


According to the legend Achala's Noose was taken from the gallows by a priest after the failed attempt to kill her. He knew there was only one explanation of why she could have survived the hanging. Divine intervention. He believed Aeol himself had touched the noose and therefore it was now a holy relic. As the story goes the priest later used the noose to heal people. He even went so far as to bring people back from the dead. Later he became the High Priest under Achala as she took up her role as religious and political leader of Sajhdula. The legend continues with an account of how the noose was such a wanted item that the priest was murdered for it. With her power to see the past she made sure the culprits were caught and brought to justice. The noose however has never been found.

Historical Basis

If you read the history of Sajhdula the attempts to kill The Oracle of Sajhdula are written down alongside any other historical event. Due to her obvious immortality the story is believed to be true. The legend of her noose however is up for debate. Some believe these events truly happened, others claim there is no historical evidence it was ever used to heal others.

Relic hunting

For relic hunters Achala's Noose is one of the most wanted legendary artifacts. If it truly exists it would be invaluable. Historians believe that if the noose proves to be real and would be found it would start wars. For he who holds the noose holds the key to immortality.
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267 AP
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254 - 255 AP
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He came forth and placed the noose around her neck. And all were rejoiced, for the color returned to her cheeks, and her chest rose as she took her first breath.
— Excerpt from a 18th century retelling of the legend


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