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Grand Auditorium

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The Grand Auditorium is a large groundfloor room in the Golden Light Tower in Sajhdula. Although its original purpose is unknown, after the rebuilding of the city it became the place where people can go to meet the Oracle of Sajhdula. Although she can see the past, present and future, she solely sees people regarding legal cases.
When walking into the grand auditorium one can not help but feel in awe at the grandness of the room. The light falling through the ceiling high windows is simply breath taking.
— Excerpt from Cities of West Eghea


Since the inauguration of the Oracle, and the start of her attempt to create a crimeless city, the grand auditorium has become a place of justice. Almost every day she holds readings for people who need them. For example, someone can report a stolen item, the Oracle will then use her gift to find who did it. Said perpetrator will then be arrested and held accountable for their actions. If possible the stolen item will be returned to the rightful owner. Of course, in some cases the item was never stolen, but simply misplaced. Another example is if a person goes missing. The Oracle will find out what happened to the person, and where they are. Sometimes the missing person died unexpectedly in a back alley of the city where no one goes. Or perhaps they just wanted to leave their old live behind and moved to another city without telling anyone. Crime rates have been extremely low in Sajhdula for a very long time. This is mostly due to the high chance of getting caught.


The floorplan is a half ellipse. This means, since the base of the tower itself is round, on both sides of the room are smaller rooms. At the far end of the room are ceiling high windows.
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Room, Court, Legal
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