Achalism is the main religion in Sajhdula. In contrast to other religions the deity being worshipped in Sajhdula is their Oracle. A deity which is very much alive, and can be visited by the adherents of achalism. Not only is this woman the religious leader in the city, but also the political leader. Religion therefor plays a very integral part in day to day live for sajhdulans. Aeol, a deity which pops up in several religions throughout the world, also plays a role in Achalism. It is claimed he is the father of the Oracle. Unlike her however, he died thousands of years ago.

The Oracle

Achala Ulh Methyr is an immortal woman. Her exact age is unknown, but historians estimate she is atleast 10.000 years old. She came into power in Sajhdula in 24 AP after the king at that time was killed. The myth of The Hanging of the Pale Woman supposedly tells what led to his demise. It is part of their religious texts, and seen as a true event in the eyes of the sajhdulans. She is what we call omniscient. All-knowing. She is able to see the past, present and future. Nothing can be kept from her.

Tenets of Faith

  • We believe our Oracle to be holy and all-knowing. Her word is true.
  • We believe there is one All-Father. He who created all of humanity. He who fathered Oracle.
  • We shall not cause harm to others.
  • We shall devote every seventh day to the worship of our Oracle.
  • Founding Date
    24 AP
    Religious, Organised Religion

    Fact or fiction

    Despite there being very good proof that the Oracle is indeed immortal, there are still people who think it is all a lie. Conspiracy theories have been circulating for a long time. Some claim that the oracle is a mortal woman who is replaced every now and then by another woman looking very similar. The striking features of Achala make this very unlikely though.


    Author's Notes

    I had no idea what to call this religion. If you have a better suggestion please feel free to let me know.

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    29 Jul, 2021 00:42

    This is a very interesting religion! It's especially interesting since the person being worshiped is still alive. That is a very unique feature!

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    Thank you. :)

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    I love the sidebar bit about conspiracy theories that it's just different, but similar looking women! xD   This is a really great religion though, basing it around an immortal being is awesome :)

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    Thank you. :)

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