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Kass' Varak

This is a ceremony that the Kosacs of the Frozen Plains use to recoginze the children who become full members of the tribe as well as inducting members that have recently joined their tribe.   Since the Kosacs are a mix group of Orcs, Golaiths, and Humans this ritual is a mixture of the single-race tribes put together. The children and new members must spend the night in one of the Crystal woods and bring back the hide of animal that they hunted and skinned themselves from the woods back to the camp the following morning. If an individual is successful in this then the skin they bring back is then shaped into a piece of clothing that they must have on them at all times to show their completion of the trial.    The animal they hunt as well becomes their spirit guide for the rest of their life, and it is often seen as a blessing to see that animal again in the course of their hunts for it means that their spirit guide is with them, and they are on the correct path for their life.    Any animal of the Frozen Plains may be used but none so far have been able to take the hide of a Frost Wurm and is considered impossible to do so but that has not stopped a few ambitious members to try and hunt one in a crystal wood.    It is not uncommon to lose a few children to this but life on the Frozen Plains is harsh and the tribe does weep for their loss but do know that this is a part of life. It is easier for them to die now in the woods than to die and fail to protect the rest of the tribe. Often if a new child is born they use a lost child's name in the hopes of redeeming the spirit of the dead child.

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