Vivachash's Baptism

"Vivachash's Baptism" is a rite which devotees of Vivachash go through. The rite is for those chosen by the goddess for service or for those who willingly choose to serve her. Those chosen by the goddess, or more accurately by her priests, are typically chosen at festivals (particularly in Holst) when they are young. Meanwhile, those who choose to serve the goddess of their own volition do so usually while they are adolescents.  


The significance of serving Vivachash was a life devoted to martial. For many, this devotion meant a further service in the armies of the local lords. For some others this meant a life of adventure throughout the rest of Ethanga and even Ethernia. For this reason you have many Ethain warriors in places such as the Kingdom of Furanke, and even a few who make their way over into the Hamil Ainsolof and the Empire of Asomia. Some others still choose a life of asceticism while honing their mind and body. This lifestyle, as with most divine orders, demands a role of the devotee, one which may contradict typical expectations. For instance, although it is unusual, women are occasionally chosen, although it is even rarer for women to voluntarily choose to serve Vivachash. For these women the same expectations of their male fellows are set, and for this reason most warrior women in Ethain history have been servants of Vivachash.      

The Ritual

  The exacts of the rituals changed over time, but the essence stayed the same: the devotee was expected to triumph greatly in combat. For some individuals this meant defeating their trainer in personal combat, while for others it meant slaying an opponent in battle. Initially, where the practice first appeared, it was for tribal warriors of the Filajidin to defeat other warriors in tribal warfare. As Vivachash was adopted by the Ethains this concept of fierceness and martial was usurped for service for the kingdom and for order. More and more, these devotees would find themselves fighting other tribes on the frontiers of the kingdom. For many devotees, the higher the rank of their opponent the greater their accomplishments. For this reason, it was not uncommon for particular parts of an army to be composed largely of devotees seeking combat with certain opponents or for members of an Ethain army to offer duels to the enemy forces.


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