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The Wilting

Dust Goblins tradition where in a adolescent is tested to see if they are suitable to be considered of age. They  must undergo a week long trail of meditation(or sleeping quietly), in which they fast completely. Any intake of water or food means they must restart. During this time they are tested by elders, who test their intelligence, integrity, and their ability to ignore irritation. They tempt them with fresh water and succulent foods. They try to aggravate them enough that they move or lash out. As the days pass the elders might act to increase the temperature in the area that the test is being done or even introduce to small degrees irritants such as ants, or allowing younger children to play around the adolescent. It is not uncommon for at the end of the week a successful tester to lash out at the elders providing the test.


This practice arose not long after the world had begun to grow unlivable long ago before the druids arrived with grand ideas of colonization. Water started to grow scarce and even the dragons stopped ranging into the deep desert. The goblins, being naturally adaptive buggers, noted that with each generation the needs for food and water seemed to lessen. The goblins could still eat voraciously but would not need to eat as often or drink as much. The first instance of the Wilting came when a young goblin wondered off, and was found a week later sitting in a cave, no signs of water or food near by. When asked how he had survived, the young boy said, "I just waited near where I last saw you." with a confused expression. The eldest goblins questioned him thoroughly to determine how. This began the tradition called the Wilting.


The fourteenth year of a goblins life they are eligible to take the Wilting.

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