Metamorphosis Day

Metamorphosis Day is a small celebration that takes place after a young Miinu's final molt or pupation into adulthood.  


When a Miinu is still a Nymph, they will often look very different than their adult counterpart, this is because --like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly-- Miinu need to go through one final pupation to become an adult. This can occur between 16 - 18 years of age, and depending on their Bug kin , will vary from a simple molt, to a month long sleep in a pupa/cocoon. Either way the miinu have an instinct that lets them know when it is about to happen so they can prepare in advance.   Usually a Miinu will go somewhere private, like their room or a secluded are in the forest to do it, as it is considered an intimate and delicate process which can be rather gross to watch. Though, in the case of a cocooning miinu, they will usually assign one trusted family member to check on them as they sleep.  


  The family of the nymph will usually be waiting with baited breath for the young miinu to emerge. When they do, they will be in their full adult miinu form, and that's when the festivies will begin.   The metamorphosis day is held with the same regard as birthdays, and like birthdays, are often celebrated by having a party for the new adult miinu. The party usually includes treats and gifts and activities , and family and friends will usually be invited to join in. The miinu will also usually be given their first set of adult miinu clothes.   If a Miinu develops wings, it'll take a few hours for them to harden enough for flight, but once they do, their first flight will be a big event for the party.   Lastly, it's common for a prominent member of the family to give a speech congratulating the Miinu on reaching adulthood and talking about what a big achievement that is in the dangerous world they live in. They will be offcially declared a legal adult and be granted the rights and privilege's adult Miinu have.
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